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Triple Feature: Jimmy Stewart 1950

I've always sort of seen Jimmy Stewart as Tom Hanks before Tom Hanks. I've never seen a movie with him in it where I didn't love him. He's one of the ultimate good guys in movie history. Its a Wonderful Life, Vertigo and Rear Window are among his most famous works. This month I've been trying to check out some movies that were released in 1950. Early on in this mission I realized that there are 3 James Stewart movies released in 1950. So it only made sense to marathon all 3 movies in a day. These movies aren't really ideal for a triple feature, because 2 films fit together nicely, but one sticks out like a sore thumb. Although there are a couple actors that appear in two of the 3 films as co-stars to Stewart. Feature 1: Winchester '73 (1950): Winchester '73 details the journey of a priceless rifle that is stolen from Stewart and passes through many hands while Stewart and his sidekick played by Millard Mitchell try to get the gun back. T

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